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Welcome to Divine Botanicals

As the name suggests, Divine Botanicals aspires to tap the real power of Mother Nature and deliver unbeatable medications that stand the test of times and get the world moving.

To achieve this end, we are at the forefront of the evolution of scientific advancement and botanical discoveries while educating the masses of the miraculous healing properties of CBD and Kratom. In so doing, we wish to establish a rich heritage of performance and trust, that will always be reflected upon and remembered for generations to come.

Our Journey

It was an undeniable reality that pure CBD and Kratom extracts were a rarity in the marketplace until recently- even if claimed otherwise. Consequently, natural wellness seekers found it extremely challenging to get their hands on the best quality products.

It was not long before that this realization took the form of Divine Botanicals. The founders sat down, discussing the loop-holes in the prevailing natural cures. They decided to put their long affiliation, expertise, and experience working in the herbal drug industry to good use.

What started as a small venture dedicated to serving those who wished to improve their lifestyle, quickly turned into an empire of sorts. Positive reviews, feedback, and appreciation began pouring in from delighted customers from all around the globe, and the demand for our products gained momentum quicker than we expected.

Today, we have emerged as an industry leader in providing premium quality Kratom and CBD products at the most affordable prices- much to the credit of our expert team of CBD professionals and Kratom specialists.

Our Manufacturing Process: The Six Steps to Perfection

Our products are a fruit of our incessant labor and efforts as much as it is of our indefinite love and care. Let’s dive deeper into our orchestrated sequence of procedures involved to come up with an outstanding range inviting to all users.

1) Cultivation and Harvesting: The foundations for a cent percent organic farming is laid with the natural propriety CBD and Kratom strains grown in nutrient-rich soil. The plants are also protected from harmful chemicals contaminants, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and harvested only after the leaves are fully matured and potent.

2) Extraction and Purification: Our suppliers follow clean extraction techniques in state-of-the-art buildings, and the extracts are obtained in the purest of form without any synthetic ingredients or fillers involved. They ensure that the essential phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved without degradation, and the unwanted compounds are exterminated.

3) Production: Divine Botanicals incorporate superior production tactics and resort to the latest research and technology. So, what’s the final product? Of course, a pure, regulated article- unrivalled in its potency and consistency.

4) In-house Testing: The products undergo rigorous testing in our labs to detect the presence of any harmful chemicals, pests, pathogens, bacteria, microbes, or heavy metals.

5) Packaging: The final products are packaged in an immaculate food-grade processing facility in accordance with the GMP standards to ensure clean packaging.

6) Third-Party Lab Testing: Guess what? Single testing isn’t enough. Therefore, we find it crucial to send our samples to independent, well-acclaimed laboratories in the U.S to validate the superiority of our products in terms of quality, purity, and potency.

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