Payment Methods

For the ultimate ease and convenience, Divine Botanicals accept payments through a plethora of different yet secure mediums highlighted below. Our customers enjoy the liberty to select the payment method that suits them the most:

Making it Easy For You, Because Life is Difficult Enough!

Debit or Credit Cards (Over the phone): We can take ALL forms of card payments over the phone Monday thru Friday 10am – 5pm at 818-940-1258 or email at

Debit or Card Card(Directly on website) (No AMEX) We take Visa/MasterCard and Discover. AMEX is unsupported but can take AMEX cards over the phone with our phone processor.

Debit or Credit Cards (Registration Required) – Process using your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover online. UGOTBANK is a simple and secure method for online purchases. UGOTBANK is similar, in some ways, to a reloadable prepaid debit card. Before making a purchase, a customer must first create and fund their UGOTBANK account which will be used to towards your Kratom purchase. A small $1.25 processing fee which is applied by the processor, but you can offset the fee using promo code: MESH for $3 off your order!

E-cheques: If you wish to pay via the Internet then issue an Electronic cheque through a Credit Union Bank. However, it’s mandatory to first inform the bank for approval. Failure to do so will result in cheque bouncing and a $25 fine from the bank. Also bear in mind, that the processing of Electronic cheques alone takes up 2 to 3 working days before your order is sent for shipment (which will take another 3 to 5 days).

Green Bean Pay – Green Bean Pay is a simpler and safer way to pay using an electronic check with a 24 hours processing time. Green Bean Pay allows you to process payments directly from you bank account. You simply link your online checking account to your new or existing Green Bean Pay account to begin using. All checks payable to Ketum LLC. How does it work?

  1. Enter Cell Phone # or email to receive a verification code
  2. Enter verification code into checkout page
  3. Link checking account
  4. Place order

Zelle: This apps brings you a unique way to make payments right from your bank account. And that too absolutely free of cost! However, its vital for the sender’s account to be in a participating bank. Fortunately, a lot of Credit Union Banks these days are using this app for online fund transfers.

Pop Money: Our customers can take advantage of this user-friendly mobile application for same-day transfers. The procedure is the same as Zelle: download the app, connect it with the bank, and you are good to go.

Cash App: This is yet another mobile app we accept payments from. The procedure is the same as the rest.

Google Pay: This innovative google tool integrates other Google products like Gmail. This essentially means that you can pay from your email id directly into our Gmail account. To download the app free, go to

MoneyGram and Western Union: Our customers can opt to pay online through these reliable platforms. Newbies can register by creating an account on the respective sites ( or and send the money in our account. Yup. It’s as easy as that!

Direct Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer: Want your order to get processed quickly? This is the tool for you! Bank Transfers are widely touted as an immediate, reliable, and safe way to transfer same-day funds.

Skrill, PaySend and Transfer Wise (For International Payments): With the advent of virtual payment apps, international payments have been made easier than ever before. Our customers from any part of the globe can use these apps that will also convert currency (with the currency transfer fee’s to be subtracted from the total costs of shipment).

Kindly note that your order will be processed and dispatched as soon as the payment is deposited and cleared. Also, orders shipped outside of the USA are subject to import duties, taxes or fees, of the destination country.

Divine Botanicals is neither liable nor has any control whatsoever over the procedure or additional charges incurred as a result of the import. It is solely your responsibility to pay any additional import charges or taxes. However, the currency transfer fee’s that apply will be deducted from the total cost of the order.

Lastly, if you are encountering any trouble while sending payment, then immediately contact your financial institution to seek approval for the transaction.

For any queries or concerns, feel free to Contact Us. Our Customer Representatives are always there for your assistance.

Divine Botanicals: The Expertise You Desire. The Service You Deserve!

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