Bentuangie (Red Vein) Kratom Powder


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  • High 7-hydroxymitragynine content
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A magnificent new addition in the Kratom family, Bentuangie is a rare fermented variant of the Red Vein Strain. Also known as the Superior Bentuangie or the Tropical Blend, it is wild-crafted deep from the dense jungles of Indonesia. It was first discovered by keen kratom explorers who were always hunting for new and unique Kratom varieties.

The strain quickly rose to fame in no time with its fans all over the globe raving its sublime effects, refreshing aroma, and rich flavor.

Even though Bentuangie possesses some key characteristics typical to the Red Strain, it still differs a great deal. As such, it won’t be wrong to say that Bentuangie is a rather more versatile breed with its own unique set of properties.

Why Buy Red Bentuangie Kratom from Us?

At Divine Botanicals, we strive to provide you as much Bentuangie as you require. At the same time, we can vouch for the powder’s unrivaled quality. Our products are made from absolutely fresh Kratom hand-picked at the peak of their ripeness to deliver a perfect balance of health benefits.

Take our word for it: Not only is our Bentuangie powder one of the most potent but also the most competitively priced amongst all the suppliers in the market.

Our Manufacturing Process

Perhaps what lands Divine Botanicals one step ahead of the competition is their superior GMP compliant operation so that our customers enjoy a top-notch experience.

Our network of trusted farmers cultivates the crop through traditional methods. Upon maturation, only the juiciest leaves are hand-plucked from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree and separated from other leaf colors. Next, they are cleaned and dried using a combination of fermentation and light to stimulate the red hues in the final product as well as revitalize the naturally soothing fragrance.

The production process is then concluded by grinding the leaves into a fine powder and packing in secure pouches to ensure that the powder is protected from harsh contaminants, moisture, and oxidation. Finally, the products are imported to us through safe and swift channels.

So Hurry Up,

Order Bentuangie Now, Pay As You Like

And explore this exciting strain’s properties for yourself!

Divine Botanicals: Adding Colour In The Dull Lives!

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