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Grown in Thailand and other parts of Indonesia, Red Horn is a rare type of Kratom, which is notable for yielding real potency at higher doses. The tropical climate of the region, with its high humidity and temperatures, renders an ideal growing environment for the Mitragyna Speciosa tree to survive and thrive.

Wondering why it is named the Horned strain of Kratom? Well, because the extract is a derivative of a some-what horn-like leaf belonging to the Mitragayna Speciosa tree. Yup, the leaves have weird spikey points sprouting all around it. Besides, the stems and veins are red in color. The effects of this breed are claimed to last between 3 to 6 hours, with an average of 4 hours.

Why is the Red Horn Kratom rare?

Do you know not all leaves on the Red Horn Kratom trees have horns? Just the uber-mature ones have it.

And to obtain the most potent kratom extracts, farmers must meticulously pick only the horned leaves as they constitute the highest concentration of alkaloids. Added to it, the Red Horn trees are pretty delicate, and so their cultivation till they attain optimal maturity is a lot more challenging as compared to other strains.

All these are reasons enough to contribute to its scarce availability.

To bridge the limited supply and excess demand gap, a lot of online retailers sell deceiving Kratom charging exorbitant prices. Even worst, some mix in artificial ingredients. And as surprising as it may sound, but how would the user know what ingredients have been mixed and ground into the powder they receive? It’s nearly impossible to identify by taste or appearance.

Therefore, it’s imperative to exercise caution while selecting the most authentic vendor to shop for this rare type of strain – while ensuring that you don’t really have to dig a hole in the product to purchase the best Red Horn powder.

Count On Divine Botanicals For A 100% Genuine Horned Leaf kratom Powder!

We assure you that our farmers don’t mix in any non-horned leaves or fake ingredients and that they sell a pure and consistent product.

Why Buy Red Horn Kratom From Us?

We believe that there are nearly endless ways one can enjoy the benefits of the all-healing Kratom herb. Consequently, the team at Divine Botanicals works tirelessly to offer its customers a versatile product portfolio – introducing exciting new strains every now and then.

Our suppliers continuously strive to improve their formulae to ensure that only the best available ingredients are used. It is for all these reasons, we guarantee our customer’s ultimate satisfaction and stand behind our products unconditionally.

However, while making a purchase, customers need to be mindful of the fact that Red Horn is a rather rare strain, so there are plenty of low-grade, fake, or mixed products available.

However, we assure you that our majestic Horn Red Kratom powder is cultivated and harvested in our very own lands in Indonesia and stands out from all the other strains available in the market in terms of its originality.

The Bottom-line

Red Horn has proved to be a big favorite of anyone who is fortunate enough to purchase it. Therefore, it is an ideal buy, be it in pursuit of achieving peace-of-mind or exuding positivity. Place an order before our stock runs out. Our supply is limited, so don’t miss out on the chance!

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